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Don't miss out on the latest Porsche news, events, and features. Get your hands on a subscription to Duck & Whale Porsche Culture Magazine and dive into the world of Porsche culture. Whether you're a seasoned Porsche enthusiast or just getting started, our magazine has something for everyone. Plus, a subscription makes a great gift for the Porsche lover in your life. Get answers to your subscription questions on this FAQ page, and be sure to check out our advertising opportunities if you want to reach out to our Porsche-loving audience. Thank you for visiting our FAQ page, and we look forward to connecting with you.

Duck & Whale FAQ

A: Duck & Whale Porsche Culture Magazine is a publication that celebrates and explores the culture surrounding Porsche vehicles.

A: The magazine features articles on the history of Porsche, profiles of Porsche owners and enthusiasts, coverage of Porsche racing and motorsports events, and in-depth looks at specific Porsche models and technology.

A: The magazine is published quarterly.

A: You can subscribe to the magazine by visiting our website and purchasing a subscription. Subscriptions can also be purchased as a gift.

A: You can advertise in the magazine by contacting our advertising department. They can give you more information on rates and placement.

A: You can submit an article or photos to the magazine by visiting the Contact Us page on our website and filling out the form provided.

A: The purpose of Duck & Whale Porsche Culture Magazine is to celebrate and explore the culture surrounding Porsche vehicles and its fans. The magazine aims to provide a platform for Porsche enthusiasts to connect, learn and be part of the Porsche culture