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Duck & Whale Magazine Issue 19

Welcome to Duck & Whale issue 19.
In this edition, we feature 9 freedom machines. 

Our cover car, the Porsche 964 30th Anniversary Edition 911, shines a light on the mid 1980s design and technology. The next performance machine is the mighty 718 Cayman GT4 RS. Paweł Kalinowski of CarBone shares the ‘Queen’ project. The Saffron Yellow Metallic 991 911 Turbo S of Michael Kane then lights up with its striking paint. Belgian Arne De Pauw takes us for a drive in his '84 944 before we talk Duck & Whale with the editor. Next is the first ‘Styled by Duck & Whale’ car, a Porsche 986 Boxster! 

Later we venture into a dark warehouse to discover an amazing collection of significant manual-only Porsche cars. Lastly, we speak to founder and executive chairman of Singer Group, Rob Dickinson to give us his take on the turbo chapter!

“The art direction, layout, photography, and stories are fantastic. I always end up going for a drive as soon as I put the magazine down. Thank you for putting together a great magazine - never lift.” Stan Thorne (Porsche Club of America)