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Duck & Whale Magazine Issue 20

Welcome to Duck & Whale issue 20.
In this edition, life is back! We feature 8 real driver's cars and crash 3 Porsche events!

Use those cars we say, cast off the shackles, unplug the trickle charger, and head for the open roads. This issue we are travelling around the world, driving a Super Carrera and 996 GT3 Mk1 in Northern Ireland, cruising a nostalgic 912 in Portugal, we thrash two of Porsche's best street racers in Australia, and get bowled over by a Golden Green ST in Switzerland. We speak to Brit Becky Evans about life in her 930 Turbo, and walk through the turnstiles at two UK Porsche events to get a dose of live Porsche culture. Pull on your helmet we are in for some downforce in the form of the new 992 GT3 RS, then drive to the mountains and cross alpine borders with new and old friends.