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August 02, 2017 2 min read

For many buying a first Porsche is a dream day that they dive into at some point in their lives, how do we identify the right time and what are the factors?

Let me tell you about my experience...

Initially I just got around the cars as much as I could to become accustomed to the interior and the form of the cars. To begin with I had tunnel vision for just one model, obsessed with still images of it until I drove a stock version expecting to to blown away by a hard edge performance machine, of course what I received was a lovely nostalgic driving experience of class and era. I was left feeling confused about what I was expecting from the car and asking questions as to what I really wanted in a Porsche.

I’ve found there to be a huge difference between a standard car and one that has had it’s blade sharpened. After having the opportunity to drive more cars it became evident that every model was different and even two cars within the same year of manufacture were different.

So where did that leave me, first I set out to decide on how I wanted to drive the car, I drove as many as possible. And with this information I’ve come to a conclusion.

These beautiful cars are so customisable you can get a doughy stock model and sharpen up the suspension and engine performance to your liking or if you are a lover of carbon bucket seats and roll cages you can in turn find a track warrior and soften it to suit a more road focused driving.

For the first time classic Porsche buyer reading this, the most important decision to make is first you must decide what you want out of your car.

Personally I wanted a sharp GT3 style driving experience in an early classic model, this style of car is an eggs in one basket proposition, low hard and hard... Not to everyones taste but I love the fun in the misgivings of track prepped car on the street.

If you want it all and want it now, choose a more modern car with Sport mode and get the best of both worlds.

Whichever way you go it is our reccomendation that you get your local dealer or reputable Porsche workshop to perform a Pre Purchase Inspection (PPI) on the car so you know what you are buying.

Duck&Whale Porsche 911Duck&Whale Porsche 911Duck&Whale Porsche 911

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